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Kangovou Kids Dishware Set (Iced Mint)

RM 446.93

The Kangovou Kids Dishware Set features five pieces of kids dishware that are meant to last you and your kids a lifetime. Our Kids Dishware Set makes lunch organization easy and ensures that your kids are eating from dishware that is completely free of contaminants, while keeping their food fresh.The Kids Dishware Set is made with insulated, rust proof stainless steel that is BPA and lead free. Not only does the kids dishware set keep your kids food separated and fresh, but it also makes your life easier when it needs to be cleaned, because it is 100% dishwasher safe!


BPA & Lead Free

All Kangovou products are 100% BPA-free, lead-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, and Melamine-free. These harmful chemicals are found in most hard plastics that make-up the majority of popular, plastic food-storage containers. These chemicals can deeply affect your mood and health, leaching into your food and causing mood swings, weight gain, hormone fluctuation, heart disease, and other health complications. Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) determined that 93% of children, and 95% of adults, have been negatively affected by these chemicals at one point in their lives.

At Kangovou, we ensure safe products for you and your family. Our contaminant-free dishware protects your children’s health. Kangovou Dishware is also eco-friendly, and built to last with insulated stainless-steel, safe plastic, and paired with sturdy snap-on lids. Kangovou Dishware is top-shelf dishwasher safe, making cleaning easy.

Kangovou Dishwares makes your life easier and healthier, protecting your food from harmful chemicals and providing an environmentally-friendly alternative to standard food-containers.

Additional Product Information

The Kangovou Kids Dishware Set includes:

  • One Flat Plate: with a generous, single-segment, the Flat Plate is perfect for storing and serving large meals or entrees, and is paired with a tight-seal lid to prevent spilling and keep-out bacteria
  • One Compartment Plate: segmented by strong dividers, and paired with a tight-seal lid, the Compartment Plate is perfect for organizing a variety of snacks, sides, and even sandwiches
  • One Cereal Bowl: adaptable to both hot and cold foods, the Cereal Bowl is sturdy, insulated, and paired with a spill-resistant lid
  • One Snack Bowl: adorably portable, preserved with an air-tight lid, the Snack Bowl protects your children’s snacks and easily fits into most cup holders
  • One Sippy Cup: the 8 ounce Sippy Cup keeps drinks cool and is contaminant free, complete will a spill-free lid and a pop-up drinking straw that folds down to prevent accidents

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